Talking WIth: Ty McBride, Creative Director, INTENTIONALLY __________

July 27, 2015 BY CAPSULE


"INTENTIONALLY ___________" creative director Ty McBride likens his up and coming footwear label to a "plain bodega", but there's nothing plain about this footwear label.

Designed for the girl who is serious about fashion, but doesn't take her fashion too seriously, "INTENTIONALLY ___________" offers an array of footwear that's slightly off kilter, but just right. We caught up with creative director and founder Ty McBride to learn more about this up and coming brand. Read on to see why McBride compares his shoe collection to a basic grocery store.

See the SS16 collection at Capsule Las Vegas, August 17-19.


WATM: Tell us about yourself

TM: My name is Ty McBride, I am 38 years old, and I moved to Los Angeles 15 months ago from NYC. I am the founder and creative director behind "INTENTIONALLY _________." After living in Chinatown Los Angeles for a while now, I say things like, 'blissed out, and take the 110." But I miss things like iced coffee and people with a fearless point of view.

WATM: What's the story behind your brand?

TM: "Intentionally __________ ." is an idea that has been brewing for sometime in the back of my brain. The focus of the brand is to create shoes without gimmicks that work back easily to the personal style of a myriad of people. I think personal style has become so important in the last few years, global trends and big box retailers are pushing everything down everyone's throat---but those who can tweak it, mix it, match it and define it for themselves are the ones I see as doing something interesting.

"Intentionally __________ ." is like a super plain bodega. One you walk by everyday. You never think about it. It's tucked somewhere in Soho. One day you go in, and in the back there is the most beautiful sandwich counter. There are specialty meats, handmade sauces and condiments, and small canned sodas from Italy and Holland. The sandwiches are prepared on house made bread. My brand is that bodega. A bit disjointed or not clear from the outside, but really lovely and perfectly addicting once you step inside.


WATM: What’s a key item for SS16? And do you have any special events or collabos in the works for SS16?

TM: If there was a tinder for collabs, I would be on it. Hello, who's looking for me, swipe right! I am ready and willing! I am not sure what will be my top item yet. I have some crushes and some favorites. I am really into square toe shapes on both open and closed models.

WATM: What are you hoping to get out of being at Capsule?

TM: For me, each Capsule showing is unique. I don't go in with sales goals or pointed perspectives. For me, Capsule is about the networking, the flow of influencers and the reach the show provides me. Capsule is also manageable for me, I am one person, doing a lot of things, Capsule works with me allowing me to grow, or scale back, as needed. That is why I am here.

WATM: What inspires your designs?

TM: I am inspired by very episodic slice of life happenings. I’ll see a girl riding a ten-speed carrying a case of Red Stripe in vintage ankle boots and I’ll jot something down in my phone. My friends who are mothers also inspire me. Really driven women who take life by the balls. What inspires me is thoughtful attention to even the last feature the last point of something. There is nothing more disappointing that getting invited to a new restaurant opening. You go, it's amazing, the staff is sexxy, the drinks are crisp, the menu is inventive. Then, you excuse yourself to the restroom, and it's like a trip to a war torn country! I love a well-designed bathroom.


WATM: How did you get into fashion? What’s your back story?

TM: Like most baby gays, I worked retail in college. I worked at a tiny store in San Diego. I finished university on a Wednesday, sold everything on my lawn that weekend, and Monday I flew to the East Coast. I moved to the Upper West Side. I found a job on Tuesday and started managing a boutique. Six months into this job---I got a phone call from my old boss in San Diego. He had secured an interview for me as a shoe sales rep for a brand we carried at the store. I went to the interview, in Mahwah, New Jersey not knowing what I was getting into. I remember what I wore and that it was my first time in NJ. I took the train. When I got to the interview I remember being the youngest applicant by about 25 years. I was the last one called in. "You must be Ty McBride," the owner said smiling and laughing. I was very out of place and we both knew it. He closed the door and I started our conversation by saying..."I've sold your shoes at retail, they don't fit, and they quality is not there. I look more like the brand than anyone I just saw interviewing a head of me. I am single, hungry and my student loan payments start in 6 weeks." He hired me that day and I started doing sales. This morphed into lookbooks, campaigns and help with line building. Basic things like color and material choices. Sock linings. The designer was my roommate a few months later. I stayed there for sometime. I did a lot of work in many different aspects of footwear. I think a great place to start is with a line that is not doing well--it taught me a lot about tenacity, pride and hard work. It was at this company that I met my friend and mentor Jeff Campbell. A few years later I started working for him---in the early days of what is now the JEFFREY CAMPBELL empire.

Of course during my long stay with the Jeffrey Campbell team I got to wear even more hats and became exposed to more aspects of the business. I learned about so many things I had never imagined, and opportunities that I never dreamed possible. Since leaving Jeffrey Campbell I have always remained in the realm of footwear. I have done many consulting jobs for a myriad of brands, private label work for indie labels, and I worked as the creative and brand directory for an emerging Portland Oregon based shoe e-com for over 5 years. All of these really odd jobs and strange work experiences have evolved into where I am today.