Shopkeep: Shana Tabor, In God We Trust

June 08, 2017 BY NEWS

In God We Trust has developed a strong cult following since launching in 2005. The brand’s clothing and jewelry collections have been staples in well-known boutiques for nearly as many years, and they just opened their third stand-alone shop. Shana Tabor, owner and designer of IGWT, recently extended her reach to Portland, opening in a quaint little house in a primarily residential area. Though she purchased the property back in 2008, the shop just opened at the end of April.

“Part of the allure was that it had duel zoning, commercial and residential, and I knew when I was ready I could use the space to open a shop in Portland,” said Shana. “I can't say that if the house wasn't mine I would have sought out the area, but it seems like most shops in Portland, other than downtown, are considered a destination so why not give it a go? I also love the idea of a shop being inside a house. It's a completely new challenge for me and a departure from the available retail in NYC.”

IGWT started working with Capsule Women's Accessories in 2011. They wholesale to dozens of shops and sell their own brand in their own three stores, but they also carry other lines. In the Portland shop right now, Shana is particularly enamored with Flynn, an Australian handbag company, and Little Garage shop ceramics and textiles, which are made locally.

3714 North Williams Ave

Portland, Oregon

As for her favorite picks in the area, here’s where you’ll find her in her free time:

“I love Life of Pie, the $5 happy hour pies are da bomb.” 3632 N Williams Ave

“The restaurant Aviary on Alberta is epic. I have absolutely love everything I've ever eaten from there.” 1733 NE Alberta St

“I feel stupid saying this, but I'm a bit obsessed with New Seasons grocery store. I hate to admit it, but I think I'm in there no less than 3x a day. They had me at good, cheap wine!” 3445 N Williams Ave

Ristretto Roasters on our block is the bomb and everyone that works there is a dream.” 3808 N Williams Ave

Tasty and Sons can't go without an obvi mention. Located directly next to the house. A must go! Yumm in the tumm.” 3808 N Williams Ave