Red Milk Magazine

October 25, 2012 BY CAPSULESNEWS

Words and interview by Caterina Coccioli.

Just one month after it's first appearance on the web and Red Milk Magazine's potential is already very clear. The ambitious and stylishly designed online project is built around a strong and carefully selected international team of professionals and guarantees an unedited view on fashion, photography, cinema, music, design and food to trendsetters around the world.

We spoke to Fabiola Di Virgilio, the mind behind the project, about the origins of her ideas and discuss future evolutions of the project.

How Does Red Milk Magazine differ from other online magazines?

I think every magazine is different because there are different creative teams behind them. At RedMilkMagazine we have our own personal way to look at fashion and the other topics we love. Also RedMilkMagazine is a bigger project than just an online magazine, wait and you will see!

What does the name Red Milk stand for?

It is a long and personal story!

Can you describe the light bulb moment that inspired you to open an online magazine and how this opportunity presented itself?

It all happened over the Christmas holidays of 2011 while I was in India on a meditation retreat, the idea of the magazine just came to me while I was there. Once I got back to Italy I started working on the magazine right away.

What did you learn from your previous experiences as a Fashion Designer that you find useful now ?

Since I've worn different hats in the fashion business before starting the magazine, I think it has helped me to have a point of view that is a little bit more 360' in a way. I believe also that the acknowledgment that we're learning day by day is a tool to grow rather than stay stagnant, it's motivational.

What has been your biggest challenge so far?

Definitely RedMilkMagazine, in less than a year it went from a simple idea to reality, just that as a simple fact means the world to me.

How much time do you spend looking at online information each day?

I think my loved ones would tell you 'too much time.' I am always working.

What magazines were you reading ten years ago?

Vogue Italy.

What are you reading now?

Vogue Paris.

Where do you see Red Milk Magazine five years from now?

Still online and potentially on paper for special projects. As far as what's coming next, it's a secret, you will see!

If you could convince new readers with one sentence...

Just have a look once.