Paris Men's Preview, Brit-ish

May 08, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Join us for S/S 2018 Paris Men's. In true style, expect this roster of brands to deliver the coolest in independent design, also from U.K. Expect an eclectic mix of tailored clothing and elevated athletic wear. See you soon...


Arc Minute

London-based Arc Minute is rooted in the reality of its birth city's urban scene, with inspiration found in the cosmos. The brand launched in 2016 with a distinct point of view, and unwavering attention to executing on detailed designs. Minutes of arc are drafted in the fundamentals of movement, of existence and understanding that nothing can be left to chance. The constant quest for individuality and recognition makes the label one with promise of continued boundary pushing and rebellion.


Bryce Barnes

Bryce Barnes sportswear is precariously balanced at the line between athleticism and refinement. The contemporary sportswear brand remains both social and politically conscious, while creating garments designed for comfort. There is a healthy dose of emotion in easy relaxed piece, perfect for the hyper- aware, and active, millennial.



UK brand LYPH is an avant garde clothing company, creating men's and women's clothing for the culture and context of now. There is a careful respect for designs of the past, without attempting to replicate. The freshness of the line features modern aesthetics and innovative function for today's shopper. Collections are created to push consumers to their next horizon of styling.


Only the Blind

Only The Blind Can See is a message to pursue what you love no matter what. When there is no clear path, no end result in sight, you persevere. This trust of senses, will lead the adventurous on a delightful style journey that relies purely on instinct.



Paulin is a British watch company specialising in high quality, design-led, quartz watches. The brainchild of 3 sisters, production began in late 2014, after 2 years of development. Paulin sources materials and components from all over the world, with a focus on supporting British manufacturers and using environmentally sustainable practices.

The Paulin sisters were inspired by their great grandfather; George Henry Paulin, a distinguished sculptor who worked throughout both World Wars across London and Glasgow, with strong artistic roots.

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June 24 - 26

Maison de la Mutualité

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