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November 13, 2015 BY CAPSULE


photographing the mullets and moshpits of london's 80s club scene

"Following Collier Schorr's Contacts, Willy Vanderperre's 635 and Youth Hotel by Gosha Rubchinskiy, IDEA Books' next project see the rare book gurus team up with photographer Derek Ridgers to present The Others, a collection of unpublished photographs taken in London clubs and parties in the 80s."

(David Owen - I-D)


At What Price Luxury? On the Hunt for Fast, Fake Fashion in Tbilisi, Georgia

"We’re going to Lilo Plaza, a bazaar located on the outskirts of the city. The outdoor shopping center is the ultimate destination for all-things-knockoff, as well as a still-standing symbol of the pursuit of logo-ed luxury goods that saturated the post–Soviet Union in the early ’90s, when the free market filtered in and the ex-USSR was flooded with imported counterfeit designer garb from countries like Turkey and China."

(Liana Satenstein - Vouge)

A decade into the Internet-fuelled fashion movement that has more or less reshaped the way men dress, have we hit peak menswear?

It’s Raining Menswear

"A decade into the Internet-fuelled fashion movement that has more or less reshaped the way men dress, have we hit peak menswear?"

(Joshua Rothman - New Yorker)

balmain kardashians

Balmain’s Path From Elegant Fashion House To Kardashian Billboard

"The high-profile houses that have been around for decades have a conundrum on there hands. How do they keep with their storied legacies while keeping up with the times? It's an issue many have experienced."

(Skylar Bergl - Four Pins)


How Revolve Became the Biggest, Trendiest, Most Profitable E-commerce Startup You've Never Heard Of

"Revolve is a Los Angeles clothing company on track to sell $400 million worth of dresses, hats, and other trendy young women’s apparel this year. That’s a multiple of what e-commerce peer Nasty Gal pulls in, and more than British luxury site Farfetch, which investors recently valued at $1 billion. It’s more than twice as much as Jessica Alba’s Honest Company, valued at $1.7 billion, is predicted to earn this year. And Revolve is profitable, having grown more than 50% each year since 2012."

(Erin Griffith - Fortune)