Brand to Watch: Devlin Van Loon

September 05, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Devlyn van Loon is a Canadian brand based out of Toronto. The label was founded in 2014, with a vision to create pieces that inspire confidence and enjoyment in the wearer and become timeless, yet interesting cornerstone wardrobe pieces.

Each handmade garment is manufactured in-house, focusing on marrying modern, streamlined silhouettes with interesting fabric textures in a muted palette. High-end, unique textiles are sourced to create wearable and transitional pieces that integrate into and enhance the wearer's existing lifestyle/wardrobe.

Highlights this season include the hand-dyed shibori wrap tank in a silk cotton blend and draped tencel convertible dress. Taking a look through the studio will give a look inside the inspiration that led to a line of concepts as a classic as black-and-white tv, through an artful lens that appreciates the beauty of pushing boundaries.