A/W17 LA Women's Brand highlights!

March 06, 2017 BY NEWS

Welcome to our second edition of LA Women's! The LA lifestyle is in full effect, with a mix that covers you from head-to-toe (and back again), in the city's signature effortlessly cool way.

a561837ecc11b054341b7176368e6c2f94bd1ace.jpgBeach Bones

Beach Bones is on a mission to make nature’s finest wearable as well. The jewelry line’s name references shells, which were founder, Nicolette Mason’s, first material used for making. Broken pieces of Mollusk exoskeleton, aka shells, have been cast into sterling silver and brass, and accented with real seashells my dad collected on foreign coastlines. The limited edition pieces are made in Pearson’s Portland, OR studio, and intended to serve as time capsule’s freezing, for a moment, the raw materials used to make them.



Since 2011, BKR has pioneered the trend of artful water bottles, that make hydrating an experience for all of the senses. Founded by Tal Winter, and Kate Cutler, the brand is the antithesis of chugging mindlessly from disposable plastic. This time around, they’re taking design to new heights with a badass assortment of spikey numbers in the seasons palette of choice, including moss, blush, dove grey and ivory.


Charlotte Stone

Canadian designer, Charlotte Stone, is genetically predisposed to design, coming from a long line of designers across disciplines. With her creative pedigree, and studies at FIDM and in Italy, it's no wonder that her collection is making major waves. Stone remains an avid surfer, and makes time for a line of lounge chairs, Pacific Wonderland, that she designs with her husband, so there's never a shortage of creative inspiration.


Corrine Collection

Corrine Collection sprang from the dreams of designer, Susan Kim, with the desire to create a brand that cultivates individuality and versatility. Each piece comes from her LA-studio, and tells a story of a vision that’s remained steadfast since the label’s inception. Signature fabrics of rib and modal jersey as well as french terry, easily sit side-by-side, rounding out a collection that at once feels essential.


Field Day Apparel

Field Day is defined by the essence of strength in Femininity -- the brand’s effortless garments are easy to way, and can seamlessly transition for day to night. The relationship between the wearer and piece is as organic as they ways in which she interacts with her own world. The reclaimed, and locally-sourced, fabrics keep a connectivity that transcends dressing.



In 2015, Movêtes founder, Maureen Carruthers, took her passion for affordable luxury, and parlayed it into sporty fashion house, Movêtes. The New York-based company of emerging designers creating ‘lifestyle-as-sport-luxury’ apparel for women. Says the designer of realizing her personal passions: “It is my privilege to work with and learn from the most talented individuals whose families have been in this business for generations.The pin-tuckers, the pattern makers, the button man, the mills—we know with whom we work, and the passion for their craft is the true interfacing of people and knowledge passed down over centuries working to create beautiful garments that we are collectively proud to present.”



Established in New York City by designer Patty Kim, Semi Gloss is a womenswear collection designed for easy yet elegant dressing, expertly balancing utility and femininity. The functionally minimal pieces are returning to Smith’s original inspiration, found in the simplicity of men’s workwear. Don’t be fooled by the tagline, the brand is built to last, and withstand the rigors that working women face everyday.


SIE Swim

SIE has a seamless design aesthetic, without hardware, or time constraints on when to wear their collection. The brand’s signature rose gold lining is paired with surf-inspired neoprene that boasts style and street (or, sand) cred. S.I.E SWIM is the vision come to life of an effortlessly cool, yet feminine woman on a beach holiday around the world.



Sokoloff lingerie was created by designer Sofia Sokoloff as an ethical, style-driven approach to the lingerie space. The lingerie line is recognized both for impeccable fit, and high standards of execution. In favor of keeping things natural, padding and optical illusions are replaced with refreshingly unstructured offerings. Inspired by all the pieces that constitutes a woman's life, each collection invites you to be authentic, offhandedly yourself, imperfect,



Tavik is a line of apparel and swim rooted in modern beach culture -- vibes that go beyond what you wear, and create a lifestyle of ease, and movement of creative exploration.

Tavik showcases their Fall 2017 Women’s Collection, Paradise Found, at Capsule Show Los Angeles. In Fall ’17, the TAVIK girl embraces her romantic side while exposing her rebellious and adventurous spirit. Paradise Found is comprised of a complete collection of apparel, Staycation Staples and swimwear.


Tarin Thomas

Tarin Thomas jewelry is based, and made, in NYC, with a signature mix of feminine and masculine design direction. The label is know for semi- and precious stones, with a knack for inventively mixing metals. Designer Kylie Nakao evokes a connection to pieces with her vision of jewelry as a way to communicate emotional resonance for the wearer.



Veja is a French brand made in Brazil offers not only cool designs, but are also committed to ethical production. VEJA uses eco-friendly, socially conscious methods in Brazil to produce footwear that you can feel really good about wearing. In short, the Veja project creates a supply chain that respects both humans and the environment.

Visit Capsule LA Women's show March 13th & 14th to discover the new and notable brands!