September 25, 2017 BY CAPSULE

Gala Maar is timeless swimwear for the contemporary woman. Made from environmentally sound fabrics and proudly produced in Los Angeles, CA. Founded and designed by Blakely Wickstrom, a California native and long-time Brooklyn resident, a balance of east and west coast style and sensibility is at the heart of the brand.


Gala Maar creates enduring design by combining cool, clean lines with a nod to the past. Swimwear meticulously cut to accentuate the female form and made for comfort and functionality. With thoughtful consideration for quality in materials and construction, the intent is to create elevated wardrobe staples, steadfast through changing trends and wear.


As a swimwear brand they are creating garments, in essence to experience nature in. Causing undue harm in the process seems, well...wrong. No detail is too small to consider; from their made in LA pad inserts, recycled hang tags and packaging materials to their everyday practices at the office, they do their best to minimize our negative impact.


It’s no secret how polluting "fast fashion" is and how poor the ethical standards often are with manufacturing abroad. They are determined to do their part and help break that disgraceful trend. Their commitment to sustainability is simple: to always do better, to challenge convention, and through their blog and their transparency- inspire along the way.


Not only does their fabric have waste-to-wear properties, it's engineered to last a very long time with amazing fit retention. Combine that with their quality construction and you’ve got one long lasting swimsuit.

You won't want to miss Gala Maar at Capsule Los Angeles Women's- there's still time to REGISTER here!

October 9 - 10, 9 AM - 6 PM

California Market Center-Penthouse 13C (13th Floor)

110 East 9th street (in downtown LA)