Beauty Lab Preview: Rootfoot

July 07, 2016 BY CAPSULE


Boulder, CO-based Rootfoot is a divergent brand focused on creating a culture of intention and sacred ritual. Using all organic and wildcrafted oils as its primary tools, Rootfoot creates high-grade plant-based unisex fragrances, incenses, and accessories as a way of helping wearers connect more deeply with the earth. The company approaches plants not as products to be harvested, but as teachers with great wisdom to be shared, and is therefore unwavering in its support of conscious agriculture and eco-projects.


Its core collection, Intentional Wear | Spirit Animal™ marks the addition of a completely new type of product to the market. These fragrances draw on the plants' therapeutic properties to achieve specific mental and physical effects in the wearer that correspond with the characteristics chosen for each animal in the series.


Founder Laura Huth was inspired to create Rootfoot when studying distillation and essential oil-bearing plants in 2008, after realizing the amazing potential of integrating the reverence and spirituality of essential oils with the aesthetic and playfulness of contemporary fashion. For the next few years, she worked and researched alongside spiritual healers, plant alchemists, and organic beauty icons to develop the perspective and experience needed to launch formally, in February of 2015.

For SS17, Rootfoot will launch a line of products to build on its Sacred Space collection. This line is for those seeking high-grade oils for use in diffuser or bath and will highlight plants specifically for their energetic significance. Scent is such an important part of the feeling we derive from being in a place, and these tools will give people the ability to create different moods that are appropriate for different moments.

(c) Tell us a bit about the journey to Rootfoot today.

Rootfoot is an extension of how I connect with the universe; it has been an absolutely wonderful experience learning how to listen to and align with the things that inspire me most. The project started in 2008 in my backyard in Boulder, Colorado; I began learning distillation and the energetics of essential oil bearing plants as a way to both care for the earth and provide people with tools for holistic health.

During this time, I grew, harvested, and distilled the plants according to the seasons and moon phases. I learned the profound therapeutic qualities of the plants' oils and how they are expressions of their environment. For the next 7 years, this project remained a passion as I worked alongside spiritual healers, plant alchemists, and organic beauty brands to develop the perspective and experience needed to launch formally in February of 2015. Since its official launch, the brand has been met by a great deal of excitement by stores and customers who seem to have been craving an opportunity to share in this type of connection. Rootfoot is featured in many online and print publications and is available in a number of leading high fashion and conscious retailers.

(c) Your lookbooks are stunning - what is the process for art direction of these campaigns?

The lookbooks first came about last year when my husband, Dustin wanted us to take the scenic route home from a friend's wedding so he could show me the Badlands of South Dakota. At the time, I had been working on defining the brand, especially through imagery, and I was so inspired--not only the raw beauty of the place, but also by the story it tells, of how a place that was once the bottom of the sea can become the top of a mountain--that we decided to do a full photo shoot right then. Luckily, I had a vintage dress with me that worked for the shoot (which I made into a skirt half way through), and I grabbed a bison tooth and a couple seed necklaces from a local gas station. This was all it took to create the feeling I had been seeking. Even though there was nothing planned or professional about this shoot, it played a key role in defining Rootfoot's branding. Since then, I've directed the lookbooks and worked with Denver-based photographer Nicole Marcelli. I like to focus on capturing vast landscapes, mythic realms and the spirit of the seeker.

(c) Who is your customer? What are they usually looking for when they come to Rootfoot?

My favorite thing about Rootfoot is that there are so many different points of entry, and customers can go as deep with it as they want.

We like to meet people where they currently are, and give them places to go. Some people are drawn to us because we provide extremely high-grade natural fragrances and find the subtle qualities far more attractive than synthetic perfumes and colognes.

Some people identify with a specific Spirit Animal or intention, or with the sustainability of our approach, as we support organic agriculture and eco projects and create low-impact packaging. But, on the deepestlevel, and this is where we are trying to take people, Rootfoot products are tools that help users transform routine into ritual by encouraging them to give the necessary time and space to experience the full expression of each oil, and in a meditative way, to align their thoughts and intentions for the day with their own true purpose.

Rootfoot exists to pay reverence to plants and to the beauty of all existence, and so people who are looking for more of that in their lives, usually find their way to us.