5 Questions: Tessa Webber and Patricia Webber of Tess+Tricia

July 29, 2015 BY CAPSULE

Tricia and Tess Webber are a mother daughter team who create jewelry made from natural elements. Capsule Las Vegas August 17-19 will be their first trade show ever! Stop by their booth and check out the collection.


Tell us about your collection?

We are a mother/daughter company based out of Excelsior, Minnesota. With a drive for great jewelry and supportive business, we knew we wanted to take our unique pieces to the market in 2013. We love the parallel of natural beauty and components we use to mirror our own unique style. Antler tips are what make us different; there is a simple beauty behind them that only nature can create. In many cultures, shed antlers are a sign of wisdom, courage, and growth—for when the deer sheds them, they have reached a fresh, new chapter in their life.

We purchase all good and materials within the US and manufacture our pieces right here in Minnesota. We work with a program based out of St. Louis Park called Perspectives (Perspectives, Inc. is a multi-service agency whose award-winning prevention, intervention, and recovery programs span over three decades. Their target population is vulnerable, at-risk families and children whose lives have been derailed because of addiction, homelessness, or mental illness.) We provide the women with work by assembling our jewelry at a $10+ an hour rate in our sunny office with us. We have a great love for this foundation and their life-changing work. We are so happy to include their incredible women within our own company.


What makes your brand unique or special ?

Our manufacturing is a huge component to who we are. We take a lot of pride in the jobs we have created for women in need and feel so grateful to have helped change someone's life with our business. Along side our unique manufacturing, the components we turn into gorgeous jewelry are also unique. People know us best for our Antler Tip Necklaces, these are necklaces crafted from naturally shed antlers (animals unharmed) that have been carefully processed and embellished to be put on jewelry. Each antler is unique and chosen for its unparalleled characteristics. In many cultures, a shed antler is a sign of wisdom, courage and growth, we find this to be a very meaningful and symbolic aspect to our jewelry as is reflects the lives of the women we work with, and created a deeper appreciation to the customer.


What’s a key item for SS16? And do you have any special events or collabos in the works for SS16?

A key item is our Luna Fawn & Gold necklace, this necklace is the perfect blend of natural materials and organic-looking metals. We are working with some bloggers to help share this fantastic new item. This is also the first time we have introduced silver to our line.

What inspires your designs? My designs are inspired by many different designers, but mostly nature and its textures and colors. I design for simplicity, but also for layering. I design each piece so that it has connections of pattern and color in other pieces so that it can be worn together seamlessly.


How did you get into fashion? What’s your back story? I have always loved jewelry in particular, I felt it was the key to elevating any outfit. Nothing makes a classic denim & white T pop like a killer necklace and some "wristwear". We knew we wanted to have our own company some day to share our love for jewelry and contribute to our community what we could, so I attended business school in Boulder, CO for about a year, then headed back home for an Entrepreneurial degree/Design in Minneapolis, MN then we started Tess+Tricia. It took off locally, before we knew it we were nationwide with CorePower Yoga and hiring as many people as we could fit within our little office. It is a dream come true.